Rollups Made Easy For Everyone
Supercharge your dApp with zk-Rollup!
customize your rollups with flexible execution,
consensus, & data availability layer.
Highly Modular
Choose your execution layers EVM, Cosmwasm, SVM, and select a dedicated data availability layer such as Avail, EigenDA, or Celestia
Robust Measures with zk-Proofs
Make your transactions at higher rate of finality, More secure and scalable in a high cost-effective manner compared to other rollups
Decentralized Sequencer
Keep your Rollup at a consistent & predictable gas fee compared to alternative chains, & mitigate the impact of gas price fluctuations on external networks
Better Interoperability
Facilitate secure and smooth interoperability through inter-blockchain communication between multiple adopted blockchain networks
Affordable and Consistent Gas Fees
Get your transactions more decentralized, more efficient, secure, and resistant against single-point-of-failure attacks
Scalable for Everyone
Build on Monolithic
  • Limited Transactions
  • Expensive Transactions
  • Limited scalability
Build on Airchains
  • Achieve thousands of TPS
  • Cost-effective transactions
  • Unlimited scalability

Accelerating Blockchain Progress with Airchains Ecosystem Support

We create a thriving environment for the evolution of Web3 technologies & building the necessary infrastructure to propel the blockchain ecosystem forward.

Sept 2023
MVP Release
Dec 2023
Devnet Release
May 2024
Mainnet Release
Oct 2023
Alphanet Release
Feb 2024
Testnet Release
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