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zkRollups Made Easy For Everyone
Seamlessly zk for unmatched speed and privacy with zkRollup Framework, with diverse options for execution and data availability
Highly Modular
Choose your execution layers EVM, Cosmwasm, SVM, and select a dedicated data availability layer such as Avail, EigenDA, or Celestia
Robust Measures with zk-Proofs
Make your transactions at higher rate of finality, More secure and scalable in a high cost-effective manner compared to other rollups
Decentralized Sequencer
Keep your Rollup at a consistent & predictable gas fee compared to alternative chains, & mitigate the impact of gas price fluctuations on external networks
Better Interoperability
Facilitate secure and smooth interoperability through inter-blockchain communication between multiple adopted blockchain networks
Affordable and Consistent Gas Fees
Get your transactions more decentralized, more efficient, secure, and resistant against single-point-of-failure attacks
Build with
zkFi is crucial for ensuring utmost privacy and security in financial transactions through the advanced cryptographic technique of zk-proofs
Who can build
zk Connection is essential for secure and private communication, leveraging zk proofs to ensure confidentiality and integrity in data exchanges
Who can build
Transport LayerMedTechDecentralised Energy
ZkID is essential for safeguarding user identity through Zero Knowledge proofs, enhancing online privacy and security
Who can build
Access ManagementKYC / AMLIncentivized Compliance

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Switchyard Testnet Live!